Personal Branding

A brand is something that represents you and who you are. It is in everything you do sub-consciously and it is in every decision you make. Your brand is simply you.

However, your brand is more important than what you probably think. It is how people remember you and what you are known for – essentially it is PR (public relations). Now more than ever, networks and relationships really matter if you can get time at a networking event with a potential employer, partner or friend you want to make a lasting impression.

Here are some tips on how to PR yourself so you are remembered for all the right things; 

Be open. If you are sitting in the corner waiting for people to come to you – don’t be surprised if no one approaches you. You need to be open and willing to get to know people because chances are, they want to know you too.

Reach out to people. In person or online – either is getting your brand in front of ‘target’. It is normal to feel scared of rejection, but it is so rare to not get a reply these days, particularly if you spill your heart and pitch yourself (more on pitching in the next blog).

Follow up. After you meet or message your person ALWAYS follow up. This shows you are keen and leaves their memory of you on a positive note.

Carry yourself with confidence.

You have got this.

Lots of love,  Mikayla x 

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